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Fashion Controversies about Hip Hop Garments

Introduction Fashion refers to an ongoing upheld attitude or behavior in a society. It covers ranges of customs as well as styles that are adopted by people in a society such as dresses worn by people. Controversy on the other hand refers to the existence of a varied opinion between two groups with opposing views.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Fashion Controversies about Hip Hop Garments specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Fashion controversy thus relates to a dispute between two opposing camps that results from conflicting opinions due to a fashion design. This paper seeks to discuss controversy over a garment design. The paper will look into controversy that arose over hip hop garment design with the aim of identifying the source of the controversy, key players in the controversy as well as political, social and economic aspects of the fashion. The paper will also look into the relationship between fash ion and social together with political issues and impacts of the hip hop garment controversy. The hip hop garment The hip hop garment fashion can be traced to the hip hop music following its close association with the type of music. Hip hop form of music was developed in the years of 1970s and later associated with a characterized dressing code. This developed dressing fashion was spread and adopted among communities at the time. The dressing design was further spread and widely adopted by people in the following years of 1980s. The design, that was characterized with generally large over sized cloths that were accompanied by extensive jewelry then became recognized as a world fashion. The widely spread design had an impact on the way that both men and women, especially the youth dressed (Adams 1).Advertising Looking for research paper on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The introduction of the hip hop dressing style shook the entire world through its influence. The fashion was extensively spread with its features being evident in almost every corner of the world. The features of the dressing style such as â€Å"oversized football jerseys, baggy jeans, and omnipresent bling† (Ultimate 1) have been common with men’s dressing while women have been identified with such dresses as â€Å"skintight mini dresses, colorful tube and halter tops and low rise jeans and of course the bling† (Ultimate 1). Like the hip hop music, its corresponding dressing style has immensely spread and is felt among different societies. Its association to the music style facilitated its acceptance among people who had been strong fans to the music style. Hip hop artists such as â€Å"Eminem, Fergie and Jenifer Lopez† (Ultimate 1) have been identified as some of the key figures that contributed to the spread of the hip hop dressing style (Ultimate 1). Having been popular musicians, these peop le through their visits to different corners of the world together with their music on cassettes and even on televisions, played a key role in the spread of the hip hop dressing style. Another feature that was also identified with the hip hop garment fashion was its outstanding rebellious instinct. The style has since attracted the attention of many designers and companies that entered into the market to take advantage of consumers’ preference in order to make sales. Akademics was for example a cloth company that majorly traded in the hip hop kind of design. The designers of the company were reported to have been strong followers of hip hop music. Their involvement in the type of dressing design was therefore driven by the association between the design and the music style. Other designer groups that involved in the hip hop dressing design included Coogi, and Ecko designer companies among others (Ultimate 1). Origin of the hip hop garment The hip hop garment is believed to ha ve derived its roots from the culture that was developed by the hip hop music as was introduced in the beginning of the last quarter of the twentieth century. The actual dressing style however came to its notable existence later in the years of 1980s following the seemingly cultural establishment by the then hip hop music artists.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Fashion Controversies about Hip Hop Garments specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The artists clothed were identified to have changed from the normally evidenced designs that were witnessed at the time into the characteristic features of oversized clothes for men and the corresponding skintight ones for women. The establishment of the hip hop fashion can therefore be attributed to the hip hop music artists that were in existence in the time period in which the dressing fashion was established and spread. Such hip hop artist as â€Å"Run-DMC and LL Cool J† can for example thus be recognized as the figures or personalities that instituted and promoted the development of the fashion in the then society. The influence into the design was although later infiltrated by other groups such as the media and cloth designers together with traders in the market for clothes who then facilitated the fashion in the process of earning a living from their trading profession. The features such as â€Å"huge gold necklaces and jewelry† together with a characteristic hair design which were introduced by figures such as â€Å"Daddy Kane or Kurtis Blow† (Deadboyle 1) also fueled the fashion. The controversy over hip hop garments The hip hop garment as a sub culture of the hip hop has suffered much negative attacks from the society at large. There are a large number of populations in the society who have for example disregarded the culture of hip hop as a whole to be a set of immature behavior that that should only be a character istic of school kids. These groups of people view the hip hop culture, and hence the hip hop dressing as a set of behavior that is not quiet sensible. There have been negative attitudes towards the culture that view hip hop followers as sort of illiterate class of people who are not serious about knowledge. The set of people identified with the hip hop culture are also perceived to be â€Å"destructive and materialistic† in their nature and lives (Dyson 1). It was because of these perceived features over hip hop followers that Dyson noted a difference when he encountered a young adult who seemingly had positive characteristics that were contrary to the critical attacks on the hip hop culture and garments.Advertising Looking for research paper on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In his argument, Dyson expresses his subject as an example of an excellent student in a perfect academic environment. The subject is described as an individual who is passionate and is also concerned with life. He reads in order to have a better comprehension of his life. According to Dyson’s representation, his subject was involved in the hip hop culture and was perceived to be an advocate for the tradition. The young man is expressed to be calling upon people to rise beyond their skepticisms and understand the true concept of hip hop. The subject thus, as represented by Dyson, is an advocate for the hip hop culture with a strong feeling that the fans and followers of hip hop need not to be victimized for what they believe in and how they want to live their lives (Dyson 1). Dyson is also himself an advocate for the culture that extends to the music and the dressing codes. He rose to the understanding of his subject, whom he met at a security check point. By appreciating the young man who was seemingly influenced by the hip hop culture, Dyson was in defense of the hip hop culture in the sense that the culture was being blindly criticized. The comparison and contrast that Dyson held between the young man at the security check point and Dyson’s son equivalently describes a dual opinion held over the culture as he further hold the view that the young man whom he met was a proof that not all people in his generation are negatively influenced by the culture of hip hop. The young man who is represented as a follower of the hip hop culture, though he possessed traits that were likable, together with Dyson are therefore seen as part of the group of people that have come up to support the culture of hip hop in general. They have appreciated that being involved in the hip hop culture is neither a crime nor a social vice. In their opinion, elements of the hip hop culture such as the music itself or other elements like hip hop garments does not necessarily t ake away a person’s sensibility or capacity (Dyson 1). Dyson in his defense for the hip hop culture also explains about critics of the culture on the other hand. He gives example of people such as jazz superstar, Wynton, who went ahead to publicly criticize the hip hop culture as an immature adolescent oriented practice. Even stronger criticisms were enlisted from personalities such as Stanley Crouch who held the opinion that â€Å"the deficits of hip hop blare beyond the borders of ugly art to inspire youths to even uglier behavior† (Dyson 1). One of the major reasons for such strong criticisms over the hip hop culture is its perceived influence to bad behavior. Some of the major drivers of the hip hop culture are also identified to be poor models to the youth in the society. People like 50 Cent who rides in the popularity of the hip hop culture with his negative history of having survived nine bullets are identified as some of the negative influences that that are tr ansmitted into innocent brains in the form hip hop culture. The elements of the culture such as dressing style, thus enlists these reactions among people. The emergence of the culture of the hip hop dressing garments thus stands out to be a controversy between those who have been drawn into the culture together with those who have accepted and understood the culture on one hand and those who still strongly believe that the hip hop garment together with all other elements of hip hop are associated with negative behavior in the society. These two groups continue to be in conflict with each other (Dyson 1). The hip hop garment controversy, or in general the hip hop controversy has been significantly felt in societies in a number of ways that range from domestic in social set up to political issues in the general public. difference in perception among the opposing groups in the controversy over the hip hop garments, which is in most cases a result of manifestation of the dominance of th e hip hop culture in an individual, has a potential to create further divisions among generations in a given society. A responsible parent who holds the opinion that his or her child is being misled into negative behavior by the hip hop tradition might not be pleased and tolerant to the child who will at the same time be rebellious in order to protect what he or she believes in. Tensions are therefore caused in social set ups due to the emergence of the culture and garments that are associated with hip hop. Influences of such culture also spills to economic and political issues of a society (Jones 1). Cases have been reported in which the influence of the hip hop culture has led to negative and even criminal conducts by the youth. A case of a former student who fell for the influence a rapper, â€Å"Too $hort†, who was also a gangster saw the student fall into criminal activities leading to his prosecution. The end result was that though the student did not face a severe pena lty like his model who died in the hands of the police, he lost his financial support in college as well as his voting rights. The hip hop garments which are in most cases manifestations of the hip hop lifestyle can therefore have a variety of implications in the lives of those who acculturate the tradition in terms of political, social and even financial aspects. Owing to the fact that the culture is majorly experienced among the youth and the fact that these youths forms a large percentage of the population, factors such as legal restraints arising from negative influence of such fashions are threats to political, social and economic developments of any given society. Just as the hip hop garment fashion was a development and a promotion of the hip hop music, a fashion that is based on political or social aspects can be used as entry points to these avenues. Clothes with party banners can for example be used in campaigns. The use of fashion together with its influence having proved to be effective in the hip hop music arena, its significance can therefore be similarly concluded in other aspects such as politics. The controversy over the hip hop garment still divides the opposing camp. The youth still holds on to the meaning of the garment that spreads the influence of the music. The impacts of the influence of the culture such as imitating hip hop superstars’ bad behavior and experiences such as those of â€Å"Too $hort† still remains a threat to the behavior of those who adopts the fashion (Jones 1). At the current trend of the hip hop influence one may be tempted to ask, so where will all this lead to? IT is true that the hip hop clothing culture is one of the fastest growing influences on the culture in the US. The youth will soon turn into parents and thus the society will be composed of families whose main dressing will be the hip hop style. Should this raise any alarm? Personal I do not see the reason for any alarm. This reason for my stan d is because this is just â€Å"mean renaissance† and such kinds of changes are prone to take place in any society. The hip hop dressing should be viewed just like any other clothing. There is absolutely no alarm to be raised about the dressing. The only issue to be addressed is that of separating the negative influence which comes with the clothing. If parents and authorities will be able to counsel the young generation to treat the dressing as such and avoid engaging in unwanted behavior just because they are in hip hop attire, then it would be a won war. Therefore, there is a need to channel efforts to ensure that hip hop attire are used purely as attires. Conclusion The hip hop garment fashion that is based hip hop music’s adopted culture has spread to be globally felt. The fashion has drawn a controversy between those who adopts or understands it and those who oppose it. It is however identified that the impacts of the garment has been felt and is significant in p olitical, social and even economic aspects of life. The attire has been in most cases been associated with bad influence. As a matter of fact it may be very hard to restrict the use of this attire taking into consideration that it a way of expression and thus there is a need for efforts, as pointed above, to be channeled to encouraging the youth to purely treat the attires as such and not as springboards for carrying out social evils that are mostly associated with hip hop clothing. Works Cited Adams, Janis. What is hip hop clothing? Wisegeek, 2010. Web. Deadboyle. Hip hop history. Blogigo, 2010. Web. Dyson, Michael. Author comes to hip hop music’s defense. NPR, 2007. Web. Jones, David. Standing up and speaking out. NHI, 2004. Web. Ultimate. The hip hop clothing designers. Ultimate Hip Hop, n.d. Web. 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How Networking Got Me a Podcast … and Can Get You a Job

How Networking Got Me a Podcast †¦ and Can Get You a Job One of my new year’s â€Å"ressaylutions† was to investigate and choose a CRM (customer relationship management) system. This week I chose Infusionsoft; but this blog is not about CRM systems or new year’s resolutions. It’s about networking. The sales rep at Infusionsoft connected me with Wes Schaefer, a.k.a. The Sales Whisperer. The first thing Wes did after learning about my business was ask me if I would do a podcast for him on the topic of writing LinkedIn profiles. I was very happy to oblige. I felt grateful for his support and didn’t think twice before giving him a free LinkedIn profile review. Guess what? I now have a podcast that went  out to Wes’ list and aired on April 22. It turns out I’m not even going to work with him for the project I initially contacted him about! But possibilities opened up for doing some business together and for me to present webinars to his 5,500-member list. People want to connect with people, and they want to help! It’s human nature. It’s amazing what can come out of simply talking- and listening- to people, and then doing whatever you can that might be helpful for them. Here’s the thing: People want to connect with people, and they want to help! It’s human nature. If you’re a job seeker, it’s important to remember these facts about people. You might be afraid to approach someone who could help you because you don’t want to bother them, you feel needy, or some other related reason. Remember: People want to connect with people, and they want to help. That said, people also don’t want to feel used or bothered. So how do you approach the connections you have in a way that pushes their â€Å"I want to help† button? One way is to be indirect. It helped, for instance, that I did not call Wes looking for an opportunity to present a webinar. HE saw the opportunity. And he did not ask me for a free LinkedIn profile review; I saw that opening to help him. In job searching, the â€Å"indirect† approach works as well. You are not likely to get a warm welcome with the question, â€Å"Can you give me a job?† Rather, take a research-oriented approach- much like I was researching CRM implementation providers when I called Wes. I know I love connecting people with others who can help them, and I also love sharing my specialized knowledge with people who really need it. It makes me feel special! The following ideas are based on the premise that most people feel the same way I do. Here are†¦ 4 Ways to Use Your Networks to Get a Job †¦ Without Turning Anyone Off Ask for a meeting and say something like this: â€Å"I’m considering a career change and I have done quite a bit of initial research, including x, y and z. My colleague John suggested that you might be a great resource to find out more about this industry. Would you be available to meet for lunch?† Write a letter advising your networking contact that you are doing research about an industry or list of companies (note someone does not have to work at a particular company to be in the know). You can provide the list of companies and ask if they know contact information for key players, current trends, organizational culture, major projects pending, organizational/staffing changes and opportunities, and/or problems the company is facing. Ask your close connections to do some research for you! If your husband is a golfer, he can mention your job search on the course and find out who might be a valuable resource for you. Or if your cousin is in construction and you are exploring the possibility of working in that field, ask your cousin to talk to her contacts who might be willing to meet with you and tell you what it’s like to work at her company.   Join an association, or even a networking group in an area where perhaps you haven’t interacted before. Introduce yourself and what you’re up to. These groups are eager to provide resources and to connect you with people who can help. Many times, these types of researching questions will lead to information about an open position. The trick is to honestly approach people with the expectation that they will give you information- not a job! Of course, it’s a good idea to learn more about the person you’re contacting as well. It’s likely you’ll be inspired to do something for them, just as they were inspired to support you. If you have used any of these techniques in the past, please share your experience. And if you try one of them after reading this blog, please report back on your results!

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Tikal Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Tikal - Research Paper Example The temple pyramids were made of limestone blocks and lorded over other surrounding structures. Lattice of stone were also added in Maya roof comb to make it as a grand-looking edifice. Figure 2. The Mayan civilization (Schele & Mathews, 1999). Architects considered the Maya site in Tikal of Guatemala as most extraordinary construction of buildings as a work of art. The site is imposed with temples of the Giant Jaguar (ca. A.D. 700), Masks (ca. A.D. 699), and the North Acropolis (Canadian Museum of Civilization, 2010a). It was believed that at the core of the Giant Jaguar temple is a high priest’s tomb with hundreds of vases and jade as offerings. A quiet sanctuary was also built intended for worshipper at the top of the nine-tiered pyramid (Canadian Museum of Civilization, 2010a; Totten, 1926). The rooms in these temples are accordingly narrow and design for ritual or ceremonial activities only. Some perceived that the design and alignment of these rooms are significant and m ight have meanings too. Other eye-catching structures in the city are palaces in single-storey platforms with several rooms and with interior courtyards (Canadian Museum of Civilization, 2010b). The nunnery in Uxmal also looked like a palace (Canadian Museum of Civilization, 2010b). ... These structures are magnificently and impressively beautifying its plazas and courtyards. Architecture considered the Mayan city structures as expressive of sophisticated decoration of arts, carvings, and wall paintings of ancient symbols (Ching, Jarzombek, & Prakash, 2011). Those building are interconnected by roads made of stones, also known as causeways. Experts criticized that Maya city was built in an apparently unplanned manner and they observed that temples and palaces were torn but rebuilt repetitively in many centuries (Lees, 2011). Probably because local residents are incline to preserve these historic sites for tourism and for cultural reasons. Architects also described the site as wielded with defensive earthworks, especially those cities historically known to be resided by ancient Mayan civilization (Lees, 2011; Falk, 2012). For them, these protective walls are quiet unusual but they also thought that this could be a significant part of the conflict situations they had in those epoch (Lees, 2011). The Mayan civilization is prominent with its intricate but most accurate calendar system with such calculations that jibe with the solar years in tropical regions of the world (Dumois, 2012). They were combined geologists and astronomers who sourced their understanding of their relation to the world by seeking guidance to the movements and developments of heavenly body, like the sun, moon, stars and planets. They had their observatories, shadow-casting. Inspired by their studies of the celestial and astrological realities, they are able to make their Mayan calendar based on their chronicles. Experts opined that the constructions of their buildings are attuned with

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English lesson 6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

English lesson 6 - Essay Example This is the reason for the argument by some scholars against the attainment of human longevity, because they acknowledge the inability to resolve diseases, which eventually cause death. Even so, as humans further research on longevity, they tend to move closer to achieving immortality. But because of the immature and unwise reasons for immortality, the author discredits it, citing the unpreparedness of humans to handle the associated challenges. As such, the author uses figurative language, repetition and irony to appeal to the reader’s pathos by arousing fear, doubt and disapproval on the attainability and attractiveness of immortality. This emotionally appeals to the reader’s appreciation of significant human longevity as having limits and not necessarily being a good thing. McCarthy extensively uses figurative language to appeal to the readers’ fear by suggesting that immortality is dangerous to human life. The author uses metaphorical comparison of â€Å"a h ighway of immortality† to instill fear of immortality to the reader (McCarthy 544). Highways are known to be wider and smoother than other roads, prompting reckless driving that poses the danger of crashes and subsequent injuries or loss of lives. In the same way, McCarthy considers immortality as a hurried idea which poses dangers to humans. Instead of improving on the quality of human life, it could end up destroying it. In fact, by comparing it to a kind of life that does not have â€Å"a weigh station of wisdom,† McCarthy (544) argues on the immaturity of the idea of immortality. Normally, weigh stations are meant to check on the vehicles transporting cargo to ensure that transporters abide by the set load limits so as to avoid damaging the roads. Thus, the use of this figurative language in this context suggests the recklessness in the pursuit of immortality without appropriate checks, which in turn exposes humans to the associated dangers. The author’s choi ce of examples enables her to sample similes that arouse disgust on immortality among the readers. The example of Steven Austad’s comparison of humans to an object, specifically a car, suggests that immortality would cause humans to lose their humanness and in turn be objectified (McCarthy 546). In order to keep a car on the move, the older worn-out parts need to be replaced with newer and more effective ones. In a similar way, in order to keep humans alive forever, their aged body parts would be replaced with fresher ones. Even though scientists are already replacing parts of human body so as to achieve healthier lives, the simplicity of replacement that this figurative language exhibits makes this argument doubtable and unreal; it makes it sound disrespectful to humanity. It portrays humans as simple objects that could be fixed as simply as a car would. This comparison that objectifies humans, likening them to a car, would most likely disgust the reader. This will subsequen tly portray immortality as an aspect that would cost humans their humanness, hence portraying it as unattractive. Repetition of words has also been used in this essay to emphasize the argument on longevity having limits. When describing Dr. Leonard Hayflick’s view on significantly increased longevity, McCarthy notes that â€Å"it won’t happen, it can’t happen, and if it did happen it would be a bad thing† (546). Without being categorical on moderate human longevity, this negation repetition of the word,

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Sociological Theories of the Family Essay

Sociological Theories of the Family Essay Sociological theories are usually thought of as, systematic sets of ideas and statements about the social world that aim to make sense of the social world. {}. The conclusions drawn from empirical observation and testing help individuals and society to be improved in the ways they lead their lives in this world. This essay is going to explain three mostly commonly mentioned sociological theories of the family which are Functionalism, Marxism and Feminism. Functionalists believe that each part of society has a function, and they are very positive about society so they always see the good in all things. By looking at society on a large scale they argue that society is based on consensus, meaning that we are socialised to agree on the norms and values in order to survive. Functionalists believe that the family should be seen to perform functions which benefit both its members and society in general. According to Murdock (1949), the family is a universal institution with universal functions. {Haralambos M Langley P. (2003) page 76}. In other words, families are found in all societies regardless of for example culture differences. Functions performed universally are; reproduction which keeps the human race, primary socialisation which teaches children the norms and values of society, economic and educational. Functionalists believe that the following functions are important for the wellbeing of society. Murdock strongly believes that the nuclear family represents all the above functions and he argues that no adequate substitute can replace it. In other words all other family structures are damaging to society. However, Marxists refuse the functionalists views. They are very negative about the society we live in and see the bad in everything. They believe there will be a revolution, because of their belief that society is being dominated by the ruling class, therefore because of the working class being exploited they will get rid of the ruling class and capitalism. They believe in equality though their main interest is on capitalist societies such as; Britain, Western Europe and America. Their main argument is that institutions such as families are shaped by the requirements of capitalism and serve to support and maintain it. Main emphasis is on the nuclear family, Marxists argue that female have no rights and that men have all the power. Marxists believe that society is based on differences between the working class and ruling class. The family makes it easier to uphold class differences in society as the rich can be able to give their children a good beginning in life than the poor, for example by paying for good education and getting them good jobs either in their own business or their friends businesses, whereas the unemployed and poor families would struggle in those terms. Marxists believe the family socialises the working class to believe that it is normal that the classes are not the same. Feminists on the other hand see the family as patriarchal (all is dominated by men); some of them are negative about society. They look at society on a large scale, and they do generalise their ideas about males and female to the whole society. Overall they see the family as one of the main areas in which women are oppressed by men. They argue that domestic labour is done by women, regardless of being in employment or not. Women make the main contributions to the family life, men receive the main benefits. (Delphy Leonard, 1992) {Haralambos M Langley P. (2003) page 80} Feminists believe the family is bad for women, they argue that units like the nuclear family influence girls and boys to learn their different gender roles within the family through socialisation. Mothers are role models to the girls who learn all house chores, whilst boys learn from their fathers, to do male duties. They then gain knowledge of how male and female roles should be. The purpose of the family is to reinforce the dominant position of men within a patriarchal society. The nuclear family is not an ideal family according to the feminist, lone parent families especially those headed by women are seen as the ideal families. Overall, the family unit today has changed since the time of Functionalism, Marxism and Feminism, however, they are relevant issues to some part of family life for example; roles of men and women are different because of anatomy. Men cannot physically be pregnant so they can go to work without any ties on the other hand women are biologically designed to have children. Marxism and Functionalism would agree with this statement. However feminists say this should not jeopardise womens right to work, it could be agreed with what feminists say that women can have children and work but should balance looking after their children with employment. Haralambos M Langley P. (2003) Sociology in Focus Causeway Press

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The Killer Disease

The importance of database management is high since it decides the importance of different results obtained in the past for improving results in future and thus it can be seen that improvement of quality is dependant in part on the quality and application of databases within the organization. One of the leading reasons for death in United States is cardiovascular disease and according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the leading reason for death in the country is acute myocardial infarction. According to available figures, this results in 40 percent of all deaths. In general about 900,000 patients are diagnosed with the disease and about 225,000 of them die. One of the saddest points about the whole issue is that of them 125,000 pass away before receiving any medical care. These unfortunate incidents led to the formation of a core team for acute myocardial infarction by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Health Care Practitioners the recommendations of this committee were adopted into practice by Meridian Health. This hospital established a cardiac care process for this in 2004 which developed a process for the improvement of care. The attempt was to look into two specific measures against AMI and this was to administer aspirin and a beta blocker to the patients at the time of their admission to the hospital when they were suspected to be having AMI. (Quinn; Mannion, 2005) The implementation of this process took a little time and in December 2004, the second group of congestive heart failure process improvement team started implementing the decision. This was with the assistance of the information technology department and the compliance was with the decision to use angiotensin converting enzyme, otherwise called ACE inhibitors, or angiotensin receptor blockers or ARB and thus evaluate or at least document the left ventricular function in the treatment of congestive heart failure. The first results of using AMI beta blockers at the hospital were positive and there was an increase of 10 percent within the first two months of use and to 14 percent by the third month. Except for the months of February and March, the compliance with the instructions has been 100 percent with the instructions. During those two months, the physician who had written the initial orders for treatment had not used the established method of using the system of referring to the information technology concerned. If the method had been used, it is estimated by the doctors, mortality would have gone down by around 50 percent which makes a total of 50 lives during an eighteen month period in a hospital with 500 beds. (Quinn; Mannion, 2005) This clearly states that proper maintenance of records and ensuring that patients are treated in the accepted method leads to reduction of deaths. The assurance of quality is a process and the process of quality control is checking that assurance of quality has been maintained. For all data entry, quality assurance has to depend on good standards and procedures backed up by properly configured data entry methods. The main reason for the assurance of good data is data management. Checks are generally carried out through audit of the data against the central data base that exists. Generally all data is now in a single storage with back up copies, and so it is not such a difficult task to check the data against each other. Yet, the question of audit is left to especially trained persons. (Santoro, 1999) The situation today is that databases have become much easier to manage with modern computers and the entire business and healthcare activities concentrate on proper data storage. The earlier systems of storage of data in files are gone and the modern systems are much easier. There are many systems attached to databases for healthcare enterprises including database management, data warehousing and object oriented concepts for databases. Along with this is the importance of quality management, for the data has to be of the highest quality. There is a tradition of having different systems and files for different units even within the same business, and this also leads to quality problems for the data of the total enterprise. (Johns, 2002) There are also systems that are written in common languages like Microsoft Access and that is a part of the common software Microsoft Office. The reason for this is that the basic system has been designed by a doctor though the final system was written by a consultant. This has helped in required changes to the system on many occasions over a relatively short period of two years. The database system, however, keeps a track of all requirements from patients like test results, physiological parameters etc. keeps noting changes in the patient which can be seen graphically and even alerts the attending staff about the screening tests, due preventive care and educational sessions. (McLaughlin; Kaluzny, 1999) It can be seen clearly that management of database is very important and in the case of medical organizations, this also leads to improvement in services, or quality in many cases. The question next comes to as to how one can develop plans that do not end up in a file on the bookshelf to collect dust over long periods. The first step is to make the plans interesting enough and simple enough so that they can be understood by the ordinary man. For this purpose, there are many systems and the entire system of decision making can be simplified through viewing it as a sort of a decision tree with branches going to the right and the left. In Japanese, this system is called Hoshin, which is based on a tree. The methods are to develop, communicate, and implement strategic initiatives in a manner that will have the flexibility and acceptability throughout the organization for which the plans are being made. In many cases it will be seen that the objectives of the top management do not seem to be the same as the objectives of the departmental heads or related to their activities. This is one of the fundamental beliefs in Hoshin planning and it assumes that no decisions of seniors will be accepted by the juniors without questioning of the decisions. The important part of seniors proceeding in the manner of Hoshin is to ensure that juniors understand and support the plan that is being made by the seniors. (Chapter 8 – Hoshin Planning and Chapter 9 – The Culture of Lean Production) Often the mistakes come as the end goals are taken to be the same as the means to achieve the goals. The end goals are positions where the organization has to reach and those cannot be compromised since they are correct descriptions of the achievements to be reached. The means to reach those goals can be different and there may be many paths to reach the same end. An example will make this clear and let us say that for an individual the objective is to collect an entry for a prestigious show. One of the sources can be to win a contest where the prizes are entry tickets to the show, and an individual may feel that those must be won to get an entry. At the same time, one has to remember that the objective is to be present at the show and not win the contest. Even if the person loses in the contest, there are other methods through which one can reach that concert. When the person fails to win the contest then the person should try to find another method of reaching the concert. On the other hand, the end goals have to be achieved and for this purpose fresh courage have to be built and that involves meeting new persons, learn and grow and contribute to the organization. For this purpose, even if the original path is blocked, then other methods must be found. (Pavlina, 2005) Thus it is important to review all plans regularly for them to be successful. When the method of Hoshin was first reviewed then it was learnt that a bi-monthly 2 hr review was scheduled. This was to ensure that the plans that were made were not to lie on the shelf, but be utilized. The plans can also be viewed as a part of the check in process. The steps in the cycle according to Hoshin includes vision, 1 year plan, deployment of the individual and alignment of the plan, execution or process management, diagnosis on a monthly basis and finally an annual diagnosis. However the entire process according to Hoshin is a cycle and the steps have to come one after the other – there is no beginning or end. Chapter 8 – Hoshin Planning and Chapter 9 – The Culture of Lean Production) This is a process that is realized by modern management and changes have to be made according to this process of thought. Even for healthcare, there is no end or beginning. In the case of hospitals, new methods are being developed to improve communications with patients and this will result in higher levels and quality of patient care. There are many methods of getting in touch with patients and that can help improve the no-show rate of any facilities and this is also the most expensive of patient care issues. For this purpose, the patients have to be reminded of appointments which are scheduled within a few days. This is a method that provides patients with information that are not easily available otherwise or would require additional staff for the activity of outbound calling. There are self service applications which improve on methods of reaching the patients from the offices of the medical providers. There are now systems which make it easy for the patients to get the lab test results and the ability to refill prescriptions at anytime, anywhere and there are methods of providing information at all times. This is also a responsibility for the hospitals and improves their relationship with the customers and utilizes their resources better. (INI Solutions for Government Healthcare Automating essential processes that support quality patient care) to achieve this, one would require the proper utilization of information that is with them. There are some organizations which claim to have solutions for this purpose also. When the volume of transactions for an organization grows, it is difficult to make changes that are required, and even levels of service that are promised by medical institutions are not provided. The situation becomes worse with a continuous inflow of new information which has to be stored. (WellPoint Health Networks gains higher ROI and benefits from customer satisfaction) This is a problem of continued increase in database and managing it and maintaining it at the same quality levels. The problem requires much faster processing of information and that can be done only by modern methods. The solution for many organizations where previous information is the decider for future action ensures that the concerned organization has quality and proper database management.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Fluency vs Accuracy

We all know that English is an international language which people from all over the world learn in order to communicate with each other. There are two types of language learner: the first type is being accurate in speaking English. This means that if a person start to say something, and then realize that he/she made a mistake, that person will stop and correct that mistake. They might pause and contemplate what the right word or phrase should be use. The other type is Fluency, this type increases the progress of the learners. English is our universal language. Indeed, it is very important for us to have knowledge in speaking English because it will help you to develop your speaking skills and in the near future, whenever, you will find for a job it is one of the most important qualifications that you can speak well or fluently. Some people who are not that good enough in speaking English are called English carabao in informal term. But then, in our daily lives we must pursue ourselves to learn something new like speaking in English fluently. It doesn’t matter whether your grammar are correct or wrong what is important is the thought you have in your message even if it is formal or informal conversation. Based on my experienced, if you can’t speak English at all, I think you’re a loser. Last December 2010 we celebrated our holiday vacation in Hong Kong. As we went there almost of the people there only know how to speak Cantonese not English. For us Filipino it is a great insult if you don’t know how to express yourself in English especially if you want to ask something to the Chinese people who lived there or foreigners. Traveling to other country is not easy of course the first thing you need to learn is English language. For some people who are afraid to express their selves in English it is not hindrance for them to learn something new. At first it is really hard but if you just concentrate and believe in yourself that you can do better, you can speak better that’s the spirit. Patience is a virtue, if we keep on trying again and again it would lead us to a successful life. Everything is possible in God’s you will see how great you are as a person.